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We specialize in Prepaid Orders & Retention Calling. The quality of our orders is extremely high and our prices are competitive.


                                                EXTRA Revenue

                                                  EXTRA Sales

                                       Give us a test

                               We'll give you great results

$ = Prepaid

Even if you are happy with your in-house operations or your current telemarketer, you will be happier with the EXTRA revenue from the EXTRA sales we will deliver.

A different company with a different caller ID and calling strategy will penetrate your files differently.

Why pick us?

Subscription Services North Inc. specializes in Prepaid Orders and Retention Campaigns.

We achieved a high conversion rate of 17% for a major paper in NJ in the first quarter of 2010.  That is a full 10% higher than their in-house operations and more than 10 times their direct mail results.

Our unique calling strategies and our ability to provide solutions will get you the best results possible and getting the most out of your retention and stop files is critical to your success.

No hourly rates

No testing fees

Our performance-based billing ensures the best value for your money.  All of our orders are prepaid and the revenue is greater than the cost.

How can you NOT afford to test us?

We will custom design any campaign to fit into your needs and budget.

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